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Vacuum technology ALD Typ VMKQ-VC 8-60/61/100

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  • Numer referencyjny Numer referencyjny 1113-23900
    Rok produkcji Rok produkcji 2003
    Roboczogodziny Roboczogodziny Brak informacji
  • Oferent

    HD Werkzeugmaschinenhandel GmbH
    Robert-Bosch-Straáe 1
    35460 Staufenberg
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  • Głównych Kategoria

    Metal working machines
  • Kategoria

    Surface Treatment, Finishing Plant & Equipment
  • Typ maszyny

    Ovens and Furnaces
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  • Opis

    Machine value as new ? 6,2 mio

    A clocked vacuum heat treatment furnace Make: ALD type VMKQ-VC 8-60/61/100 for vacuum carburizing and hardening with high-pressure gas quenching, with continuous tempering furnace and external transport system

    Batch dimensions and weights:
    Charge dimensions max. 600 mm width 610 mm height
    Charge dimensions and grate design in agreement with customer 900 - 1000 mm length
    The grate dimensions used in the systems already delivered can be used
    Charge weight gross max. 500 kg
    Charge surface net approx. 10 m2
    larger batch surface after technical clarification
    Number of batch places / transfer chamber 1
    Number of batch places / preheating chamber 3
    Number of batch places / carburizing chamber 1
    Number of batch spaces / diffusion chamber 2 (one batch space can be used to lower the hardening temperature) Number of batch spaces / quenching chamber 1
    cycle time:
    The cycle time is adjustable and depends on the carburization depth (AT) to be achieved, the component geometries and batch weights as well as other process parameters such as e.g. B. the carburizing temperature dependent. The shortest system cycle with the equipment offered is 25 minutes including the transfer process. This value is determined by the cycle time of the helium recovery system.

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