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Used Airless & Automated Blast Equipment

An automated centrifugal blast system is a special type of blast machine used mainly in the metalworking industry. The system consists of a blast chamber, an automatic loading system and a control unit. The centrifugal chamber is the heart of the system. In it, the abrasive, such as steel shot, is thrown at high speed onto the surface to be processed. This removes unwanted materials, such as rust, paint or oxidation, and cleans the surface. The centrifugal chamber is usually made of special, durable steel or ceramics and is equipped with an internal lining to ensure maximum abrasion resistance. The automatic loading system feeds the workpieces to be processed into the centrifugal chamber. Depending on the size and shape of the workpieces, different loading systems can be used, such as robots, conveyors or rails. The control unit monitors and controls the entire blasting process, including the speed and pressure of the abrasive as well as the movement of the workpieces through the centrifugal chamber. The control unit can also adjust various parameters to achieve an optimal cleaning effect, such as the speed and angle of the abrasive.

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