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Used Die casting machines, hot chamber

Die casting machines, hot chamber (zinc) are special die casting machines used for the production of zinc parts. Unlike cold chamber die casting machines, where liquid metal is loaded into a separate melting furnace and then pumped into the cold chamber, hot chamber die casting machines have an integrated melting crucible that injects the liquid zinc directly into the chamber. The hot chamber die casting machine consists of a melting device, an injection chamber, and a die (also called a mold or die) into which the liquid zinc is injected under high pressure. Since zinc has a lower melting temperature than other metals, it can be held in the hot chamber of the machine, making the die casting process faster and more efficient. Hot chamber die casting machines are widely used to produce small zinc parts, which are used in the automotive, electronics, construction and home appliance industries. The advantages of hot chamber die casting machines include higher productivity, faster cycle times and easier handling of liquid zinc compared to other metals that have higher melting points.

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